Snuffle Mat Preorder Offer

Snuffle mats are an excellent interactive mental stimulation activity for dogs, consisting of a variety of hiding spots for your dog’s food that they have to sniff out.

Snuffle mats also help with fast-eaters, feed your dog’s dry food or kibble via the snuffle mat and they are forced to eat slowly, as well as work their brain!

Our range of snuffle mats are arriving early September, preorder your mat by midnight September 4th 2020 to recieve:

  • 10% off your snuffle mat
  • 10% off any dog treats in the same order
  • A free sample bag of Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Dog Food!

Your entire order will ship once our snuffle mats are in stock.

To claim this offer, use coupon code SNUFFLE in the checkout.

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