New Ziwi Provenance Has Landed!

The new Ziwi Peak Provenance range for dogs has arrived and is in stock now ready for despatch!

The new Provenance range is a welcome addition to Ziwi’s mainly single source protein foods, featuring 3 different recipes to choose from, all containing a variety of 5 meats and fish, ethically and sustainably sourced in New Zealand.

The recipes contain 96% meat, seafood, organs and bone, with authentic ratios to mirror a natural diet for our canine friends, with an added superfood blend of cold-washed tripe, NZ green mussels and kelp to deliver peak nutrition. The recipes are grain-free and also contain no potato or legumes.

The food is slow and gently air-dried to lock in nutrients without the need for artificial preservatives, and is a great ready-serve alternative to a raw diet. For more information on the air-drying process please head over to the Ziwi Peak website.

Ziwi Provenance Recipes:

East Cape:

The first place on earth to see the sunrise, New Zealand’s spectacular East Cape is the inspiration behind ZIWI® Peak’s East Cape Provenance recipe. Featuring free-range mutton and goat combined with a blend of wild-caught fish from Cape Reinga, it’s a perfect topper or complete meal that dogs are sure to love.

Hauraki Plains:

Named in Maori for its gentle winds, the fertile farmlands of the Hauraki Plains are the inspiration and the ingredient source for ZIWI® Peak’s Hauraki Plains Provenance recipe. This delicious blend of poultry and wild-caught fish can be served as a topper or a complete meal. Dogs are guaranteed to enjoy each and every bite.

Otago Valley:

From ancient mountains to alpine valleys, this diverse region is the inspiration behind ZIWI® Peak’s Otago Valley Provenance recipe. Featuring beef, venison and lamb—all free-range and grass-fed on Otago’s native grasses—and wild-caught fish from the South Island’s subantarctic waters. Serve as a topper or complete meal.

Feeding calculators, full ingredient lists and guaranteed analysis are available for each recipe with links on each page of our site, or head over to Ziwi and have a read.

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